About ALKEMi Apparel


Alkemi [al-kuh-mee] – noun, plural 
1.  a process of transforming something common into something special 
2. a process of combining two common elements into one element of greater value. 
3. an apparel company dedicated to style, function and comfort

Who we are:


ALKEMi is an innovative designer, non-traditional marketer and a dependable distributor of premium quality men's clothing and apparel. With big plans on the horizon the current product line includes neck ties & t-shirts that combine comfort and style.  Alkemi is committed to producing high quality apparel at a great value to its active customers while providing comfort and fashion to meet our customers expectations.


What we are about:


Alkemi Apparel is narrowing the gap between 2 different lifestyles: the skate park and the after party. It's bringing more class to action sports and more steez to the country clubs to create an ALKEMi of Class and steez.  Alkemi brings value to your lifestyle by helping you look great and feel comfortable.

Think of a graceful collision of action and elegance.  Picture Ms. Liberty getting pitted on a surfboard.  It's a uniting  of cultures.  The East unites with the West, mellow mixed with energy  mountains that run into the city, beaches that flood the office.

Check out the ALKEMi Project Book.
(It takes a while to view because its loaded with great design & photography.)